What is your Mountain?

Mountain Tales Film Festival is for storytellers from every walk of life who find themselves telling those stories through film. Although there will be multiple awards and laurels given out we hope this festival can be a place of comradery between filmmakers, not of competition.


We were once asked:

When you get to the mountain why are you there, to see or to be seen?

After forming our company Three Ravens Productions, which this film festival is a branch of,

we had to truly look at ourselves as we climbed that mountain and ask:

why are we here?

We know now, that we are here to see.
To see your stories, your perspectives.
To see what there is to be seen and to explore it.
To see your tales from that same mountain.
So now that you're here with us, are you here to be seen or are you here to see?

Due to the uncertainty of this past year we made the decision to primarily focus on our screenplay competition for 2021. Now that things are opening back up, this October in Nashville, Tennessee, we will be having a live table read where the selected screenplays will be read by professional actors. We have partnered with the Pensacon Short Film Festival in Pensacola, Florida, where the selected screenplays will also be read at another live table read that will take place in February 2022. We are also offering feedback for all screenplays.



2020 official short film selections

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


2020 official screenplay selections    


Written by: 
Adina Siren

Struggling author Cami vents to her characters amidst a bout of writer's block. Realizing their existence is in danger, her characters attempt to motivate her to keep going in her own life, as well as theirs.

West Virginian Starfish

Written by: 
Hyten Davidson

After the mysterious exit of her father, Carly is stuck with his old mission- picking up defeated thru-hikers
from The Appalachian Trail by her home in Harper’s Ferry, WV. One hiker’s companionship over the course of a night, however, will set Carly on a new path forever.


Written by: 

Robert Fitl, Lee Taylor

A disturbed man stalks a social media starlet, his morbid obsession with her fueling something very dangerous.


Written by: 

Robert Fitl, Lee Taylor

When a 90s family visits the local video store, their eager eight-year-old discovers a secret room filled with naughty misfit tapes hungry to be rented.


Written by: 
I an Wilson

When Frankie discovers that her daughter is pregnant and her shotgun is missing she tells her two slacker sons to take care of the situation.


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